UIP Keepers' Summit in Vienna has finished

Veröffentlicht am 12/05/2022
Karel Novak

Rail freight, Green Deal and mobility were the main topics.

UIP Keepers' Summit in Vienna has finished
@ctirad klimanek

In these challenging times, the Keepers‘ Summit focused on the concrete actions needed to give a „rail freight revolution“ that paves the way for a digital future and a modal share of at least 30 %.

„Together with high-level representatives from the rail and policy sector from around Europe, we discussed the ways how to transform the rail freight transport sector through digitalization and automation,“ Managing Partner of Ralvis.com Ctirad Klimánek explains.

The keynote speakers were among others Heiko Fischer, President of UIP, and Mark Topal-Gökceli, CTO of ÖBB.

UIP Keepers' Summit in Vienna has finished

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