ŽOS Trnava: two big contracts

Veröffentlicht am 10/05/2022

Slovakian company won tenders for ÖBB and DB Cargo in the number of dozens of millions euros.

ŽOS Trnava: two big contracts

The company signed a two-year contract for the repair of freight wagons for the Austrian ÖBB-Technische Services-Gesellschaft mbH worth EUR 15-20 million. The contract includes an option for another 3 years in a total financial volume of up to another 30 million euros.

Director of the Freight Wagons Division of ŽOS Trnava Ing. Rastislav Bráblik: “With this contract, we have confirmed our role as the primary repairer of freight wagons for the Austrian state railways. The wagons that pass through the gateway of the Trnava ŽOS today, in addition to the colors of Austrian ÖBB, are also in the colors of German DB, Czech Republic, French Ermewa, traditional Slovak Cargo Wagon, or other important European players.  Our employees have something to be proud of. “

The second project consists of the conversion of 281 Laaers 560.1 wagons to 560.3 type for DB Cargo Logistics GmbH. The agreement was signed at the end of this March, and the first wagons began to be rebuilt in April. The finishing of this project for 3.4 million euros is expected in August 2023.


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